About us

Knott has been developing and producing technical vehicle parts since 1937. The Knott parts are of excellent and high quality and that is why we strongly recommend them to our customers. It is no coincidence that trailers, caravans and off-road vehicles are often equipped with parts from Knott. Because a vehicle is always on the move, it is imperative that Knott parts are serviced or replaced at appropriate times. For the different vehicles it is strongly recommended to use only original Knott parts, these have been specially developed and tested by Knott. You can contact us through this website. We are a Knott authorized dealer. Many original Knott parts are in stock, so that we can help you very quickly.

EAS components makes the various product groups that are available visible through this website.

You have come to the right place for replacement or expansion of the Knott product groups below:

Knott Trailer parts for both braked and unbraked trailers

  • Brakes + accessories
  • shafts
  • Drawbars
  • Overrun brakes
  • Handbrakes
  • Brake cables
  • Wheels and tires
  • Nose wheels
  • Support legs

Caravan technology

  • Anti theft
  • Stabilizers
  • Knott caravan chassis
  • Spare wheel holders